Eduard Petrescu, CEO of EkoGroup, Official Partner at Boxing Fighting Championship 5

The Boxing Fighting Championship 5 Gala, organized in Craiova by Ana Maria Prodan under the Gavril&Prodan Promotion brand, was an exceptional event largely due to the significant contribution of EkoGroup and its CEO, Eduard Petrescu.

EkoGroup’s Contribution to the BFC 5 Gala

EkoGroup, under the leadership of Eduard Petrescu, played an essential role in promoting and organizing the Boxing Fighting Championship 5. Utilizing its DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising network, EkoGroup ensured remarkable visibility for the event through 4K totems. These high-quality advertising elements created a captivating atmosphere and attracted a large number of spectators, consolidating the gala’s success.

The Boxing Fighting Championship 5 Gala in Craiova

Boxing Fighting Championship 5, hosted in the Polivalent Hall in Craiova, brought together some of the most talented boxers from Romania and beyond. Ronald Gavril, the main star of the event, fought for the WBC Latino belt and managed to keep it in Romania after an intense match with Mexican Carlos Gallego Montijo. The atmosphere was electric, with fans frenetically supporting Gavril, who demonstrated an exceptional performance in the ring.

The VIP Role of the EkoGroup Team

The EkoGroup team was invited to the VIP area of the event, having the opportunity to enjoy the boxing show from the best seats and interact with athletes and organizers. Their presence in this exclusive area emphasized the importance of the partnership between EkoGroup and Gavril&Prodan Promotion. Eduard Petrescu and his team were recognized for their significant contribution to the gala’s success, once again demonstrating their commitment to performance sports and large-scale events.

The Success of the Boxing Fighting Championship 5 Gala

The success of the Boxing Fighting Championship 5 Gala was the result of meticulous organization and effective promotion, largely due to the partnership with EkoGroup. Eduard Petrescu and his team managed to create an unforgettable experience for all participants, raising the standards for future boxing competitions in Romania. By utilizing the DOOH network and strategic collaboration with Autoklass, EkoGroup demonstrated that it is a reliable partner and supporter of performance sports.

The gala was broadcast live by DigiSport 3, allowing fans across the country to watch the spectacular fights in real-time. The presence of the EkoGroup team in the VIP area once again highlighted the company’s commitment to sports and large-scale events. Eduard Petrescu and EkoGroup demonstrated that through strategic investments and quality partnerships, they can significantly contribute to the success and promotion of Romanian sports.

Partnership with Autoklass

An important logistical aspect of the event was the partnership with Autoklass, which provided a rental car for the EkoGroup team’s travel to Craiova. This partnership was essential for ensuring efficient and comfortable mobility for the team involved in organizing the gala.